Our Services

Generating Better help developers and owners of offshore windfarms to plan and improve their operations and maintenance activities. We work on new developments and operational sites. We have operated renewable energy power plants so we understand how important reliable, practical support is.  We also understand the need to focus on technical, commercial and regulatory issues in a combined way and the important of building successful teams.

Early Project Development Support

In the early development phase we can work with you to develop a safe, robust and cost-effective O&M Strategy use our practical experience to help you work out how best to operate and maintain your offshore windfarm including port selection, vessel optimisation, O&M Organisation development and supporting procurement work.  We have an OPEX model for fixed and floating wind and can work with you to forecast and optimise OPEX.  We can also support the development of seabed bids, auctions and leasing rounds and help make Cfd bids more competitive.

FID and Beyond

We bring lessons learnt from operational projects to de-risk new projects and work closely with developer and supplier project teams to provide practical input to design reviews, tender development and contract negotiations.  This ensures that projects are more operable, safer and have reduced commercial risks.  We also help to develop the O&M Facilities needed to operate the windfarm including port agreements, O&M base design and fit-out and recruitment planning and O&M readiness support.  We can coach new members of staff and help to get all the systems and processes needed for O&M ready in time to Commercial Handover.  We have a strong experience in developing a strong H&S culture and operational safety arrangements based on robust power industry practices.

Operational Support

We have sat in the operators chair and have strong experience of delivering routine and non-routine maintenance activities on wind turbines foundation, offshore substations and cables.  We can help owners of operational projects to develop new approaches, tackle non-routine projects, deliver improvement projects and prepare for end of warranty and ensure readiness to take opportunities for life extension.  We also offer support to supply chain companies to develop new services or improve the services they offer and to help develop O& supply chains in new global markets.

Generating Better provides offshore wind O&M support based on real life experience – we are passionate about excellent performance and provides Operations & Maintenance support to the Renewable Energy Sector by offering:

  • O&M Strategy development & improvement
  • Development of O&M Facilities for new offshore windfarms
  • Cost reduction studies
  • Risk management advice
  • Project development and handover planning focused on O&M topics
  • Development of strong H&S culture and implementation Operational Health & Safety procedures, Emergency Response Plans, risk assessments and audits
  • Operational Effectiveness reviews and improvement projects
  • Supply chain development & support
  • Knowledge sharing and enabling collaboration
  • Training
  • Technical and business support for due diligence

We are also very happy to just be there as a sounding board so you can pick up the phone and ask for thoughts, ideas or use us as a sounding board.

Generating Better can help you to generate a better bottom line, better safety, a better supply chain and are passionate about helping the industry to succeed and risk to its many challenges.