Generating Better – experts in developing and operating offshore windfarms

Generating Better was formed in 2012 by Sally Lockwood and our renewable energy consultants bring real hands-on experience of operating and maintaining large renewable energy plants and shares this with owners, investors, suppliers and regulators to help deliver performance excellence.

We provide operation and maintenance advice, consultancy and support to maximise output, deliver high safety standards, comply with legal requirements, operate effectively and control O&M costs.

We provide support during early windfarm development, pre-operational phases, handover from construction into operations and throughout the operational life of the assets. We also support offshore transmission/OFTO projects.  We provide support for offshore wind, onshore wind, wave and tidal sectors in the following areas:

  • Concept development & operational strategy
  • Input to seabed lease bids and Cfd auctions/bids
  • Selection and development of operations bases, harbour facilities
  • O&M requirements during the whole development phase including contract scopes/ERs, design input and OPEX modelling
  • O&M Delivery Plans
  • Risk Management. de-risking and risk mitigation studies
  • Standards, procedures and compliance including grid, marine coordination and operational safety
  • Pre-operational planning and O&M team mobilisation,Handover planning and operational readiness projects
  • Advice on supply chain development – especially in new markets
  • Warranty and defect management, end of warranty planning
  • Operational improvement projects
  • OFTO asset management advice and support
  • Training, coaching, team development

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