Operations and Maintenance (O&M) – Long Term Priorities for Offshore Wind?

From my time working on site as an Operations Manager it is never easy to escape the day-to-day management of issues that is a really important part of the role.  Since forming Generating Better I have been able to spend more of my time considering the longer term game changers that will take O&M to the next level in years to come…

….I would welcome your views on what could big the biggest game-changer and contribute to the reduction in lifetime costs of offshore wind. Here are some of my favourites:

1) Life extension studies to create viable options before the end of the currently accepted 20 year design life

2) Huge leap forward in failure prediction – especially for main components that require a jack-up vessel

3) Component improvement clubs to re-engineer problematic parts and improve reliability – driven through a collaborative approach to pool knowledge, experience and share costs

4) Extended Service periods / condition-driven service tasks

5) Improved vessel access to allow faster repairs and extended capabilities to lift heavier components safely without resorted to a jack-up vessel

Post your comments here and let us know what you think are O&M Game changers for Offshore wind….we will publish you Top Ten in June