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A year of sharing knowledge about offshore wind O&M

The first two operational offshore wind turbines in the UK started up TWENTY YEARS ago….that’s TWENTY YEARS that we have been learning about offshore wind O&M. We are now seeing the next round of offshore windfarms begin development in the UK with the Round 4 and Scotwind seabed leases processes underway. Over the last 20 years the way we operate and maintain offshore wind farms has developed and we aim to share with you the lessons learnt, challenges faced and also what we think the future holds….so watch this space for new posts and insights.

A new look for Generating Better

Generating Better SCREEN logo


It is approaching two years since Generating Better was created and to celebrate we are proud to share our new logo and website with you.  The website is clearer to follow and makes accessing our news stories easier – plus we have introduced a new Links section to help you to find your way to the most useful information on offshore wind operations and maintenance.  We hope you enjoy the new site – let us have any feedback at

Generating Better is now up and running

logo1I am delighted that Generating Better is now up and running and has today launched its website.

I am proud to be supporting Operations & Maintenance in the renewable energy sector as this is key to ensuring that projects make it off the drawing board and into the real operational world successfully by maximising output, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing the best possible return for investors.  So if you’d like to talk through your ideas to Generate Better then please get in touch.