About Generating Better

Generating Better is passionate about excellent performance and is customer focused.  We have operated renewable energy power plants so we understand how important reliable, practical support is.  We also understand the need to focus on technical, commercial and regulatory issues in a combined way and the important of building successful teams.

Generating Better provide Operations & Maintenance support to the Renewable Energy Sector by offering:

  • O&M Strategy development & improvement
  • Cost reduction studies
  • Risk management advice
  • Project development and handover planning focused on O&M topics
  • Development and review of Health & Safety procedures, risk assessments and audit support
  • Supply chain development & support
  • Training
  • Technical and business support for due diligence

We are also very happy to just be there as a sounding board so you can pick up the phone and ask for thoughts, ideas or use us as a sounding board.

We have direct, front line experience of operating real renewable energy schemes and are hands on, practical and knowledgeable. We work with a number of specialist and experienced associates to provide the expertise and practical knowledge required by our clients.

Generating Better can help you to generate a better bottom line, better safety, a better supply chain and are passionate about helping the industry to succeed and risk to its many challenges.

Contact us for more information:

Sally Lockwood, Director

07557 512900